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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

PlatinX Exchange is for Everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a professional trader, the simple and easy to operate PlatinX Exchange App will help you trade easily. Join the crypto revolution and be a part of the oncoming change.


Fill Up Your Form

Download the app and fill in the details for identity verification to secure your account and transactions.

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Add funds to your crypto account. You can transfer funds in multi-currency, Indian Rupee too, with a list of banks attached to make the process easier and swifter.

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Buy or Sell Coin

All set, you’re ready to go. Buy or sell crypto of your choice or discover what more is on the offer at PlatinX Exchange.

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Why Choose

Why Choose Us


Based on Blockchain Technology

PlatinX Exchange transactions don’t rely on third party. We use blockchain technology to distribute the network, giving an equal share of ownership and eliminating dependence on third party.


Complete Transparency

Platinx Exchange works with complete transparency and have structured working formats. It helps in keeping your portfolio safe and robust using most modern technologies.


3) Peer-to-Peer Network

Our Peer-to-Peer model-based trading platform leave no room for manipulation. P2P makes the transactions instant and reduce the fee as well.

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Trader's Exclusive Privileges

Instant KYC

KYC authentication procedures are followed to permit credible traders in the PlatinX Crypto market.

Instant Deposit & Withdrawal

Link your bank account and straightaway trade and withdraw funds whenever required with comfort.

Lowest Trading Fee

PlatinX is the leading crypto asset exchange with the lowest trading fee.

Referral and Reward Program

Get instant bonus rewards and maximize your earnings through crypto from our referral programs.

Trade Anytime, Anywhere

Download PlatinX Android and iOS mobile app to buy and sell crypto at any time, from anywhere.

Buy Bitcoin and Crypto Instantly

Buy and sell crypto assets with comfort at lowest transaction fees and safety.

Ultra-Secure Platform

With utmost security being the basic principle, PlatinX always fool proof safety standards.

Fast & Robust Technology

Our super fast trading engine, known for its high scalability, handles multiple real-time orders.

Support That WOWs

Our 24X7 customer support team assists you anytime to ensure a smooth trading experience.


PlatinX Exchange Features

Here at PlatinX, we are committed to protect our users through industry-leading security measures while giving them the best that technology can offer at economical rates.

Fast Transactions

P2P model gives you instant transactions

Secure and Stable

Industry-leading security protocols to safeguard your account and crypto

Coin Exchange

Easy access to more than 100s of crypto coins & tokens

Mobile Apps

Secure trading app to trade from anywhere, anytime

24/7 Trading

Can trade anytime, no time-boundaries

Free Consulting

Get in touch with experts for free trading consultations

Any Query? Contact Us

We are a family of crypto enthusiasts who look forward towards a bigger crypto revolution. We are here to help you on to that journey without hassles and technical worries. Get in touch and we will solve your query.